About us

‘Soleil Traducciones’ began life in 2008, under the management of Lucía García and Jorge Soler, with the clear intention to: make the utmost of our abilities to make languages be a great opportunity instead of barrier. Based in Elche, we offer our services to companies, official bodies and private individuals alike. Our commitment to the Translation and Interpreting sector is one of our most precious values, as can be seen from our close involvement with various professional associations.

“Between words, between worlds”

This has been our motto from the very beginning. We can’t avoid the existence of linguistic barriers but we can work on a daily basis to help our clients communicate successfully.

We believe in truly professional translators and we put all we can into supporting them. It is that simple. That’s why we work only with professional translators, interpreters and proof-readers all of whom have wide experience in the sector and are highly specialised in their own language and content fields. The result: high quality services and competitive prices.