Interpreting Services for private individuals, researchers, companies, institutions and professionals.

  • Sworn interpreting. Official interpreters in different languages are available to accompany you to sign documents at the Notary Public’s office, contracts, banking or with estate agents, etc. From 96.00.
  • Events Interpreters. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreters for conferences, press releases, etc. We have interpreters with a wide range of language combinations and we can advise you as to the most appropriate type of interpreting for your particular event. From €250.00.
  • Liaison Interpreting. Our liaison interpreters are there to help you with business negotiations, so you can communicate in meetings fluently with precision. From €39.00.
  • Escort Interpreters. Our escort interpreters can get across any message you want to give in situations ranging from a visit to your business premises, a tour of the local area or attractions or at a trade fair at which you are exhibiting. From €90.00.
  • Personal Interpreting. Doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, etc. Our interpreters can be of assistance in any circumstances offering fluent and precise communication, for your peace of mind. From €29.00.interprete-elche-alicante