Other Services

In an effort to boast a really complete service we also offer the following service:

  • The Hague Apostille for official and notarised Spanish documents. From €30.00/document.
  • Full linguistic reports on the use of specific terminology. If you are not sure what name to choose commercially for your company, service or product to make it attractive to other language users please do not hesitate to contact us. From €59.00.
  • Linguistic Pre-test for tour advertising campaigns. From €299.00.
  • Transcriptions of audio and video recordings in the language you need. From €59.00.
  • Voice recordings for the radio, dubbing videos, etc. From €99.00.
  • Native speaker trainers for immersion in a language. We have professional native speaker teachers of many languages to help your activity be a success! From €37.00/hour.