Translation, Correction and Proofreading

Our entire team of professionals is at your disposal for the translation of texts into the language you need. If your text has already been translated we can proofread and correct it so you can be sure to get your message across perfectly.

  • Translation of specialised texts (technical, legal, financial, scientific, etc.). From €29.00.
  • Translation of publicity material. We can translate your adverts into the languages you need and can also offer the chance to run a linguistic pre-test to check the advert will be effective for potential foreign clients.
    • Catalogues from €89.00.
    • Brochures and leaflets from €29.00.
  • Web site translation.
    • Full Website translation from €99.00.
    • Translation of updates from €45.00/month.
  • Translation of Curriculum Vitae. We can help you find work abroad by translating your CV and covering letter into the language used in your destination. We are also able to adapt your CV to a European format and advise you as to the relevance of the content. If you don’t have a covering letter we can help you write an effective one. From €19.00.
  • Translation of correspondence. If you have worked abroad in countries such as France or Germany and receive an annual letter detailing requirements or news about your pension, don’t worry: we can help you understand it with a summary translation. In the summary we explain point by point the relevant content of your letter and tell you about any documents which might be asked for. If you need to fill in a form in another language, we can also help you to fill it in. From €15.00.
  • Sworn Translations. From €39.00.
  • Audiovisual Translations. From €69.00.

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